Click here for the 2008 Academy Award Winners, updated in real time, and highlighted in bold.

Cinematical's Erik Davis, Scott Weinberg and Kim Voynar are live blogging the Oscars! Scott's up next with the ceremony's second hour below ...

10:45pm As the guy from Loverboy and Can't Buy Me Love introduces yet another song from Enchanted, I turn you over to Ms. Kim Voynar, who gets pretty much all the best awards to herself.

10:44pm The consistently unintelligible Penelope Cruz is here to give out the award for Best Foreign Film, a category that Kim and I are boycotting for various reasons. Congrats, though, go to Best Foreign Film: The Counterfeiters.

10:39PMbrb i have to pee

10:33PM Nicole Kidman gives out a Lifetime Achievement award to art director / production designer Robert F. Boyle, of North By Northwest, The Birds, and Fiddler on the Roof.

10:29PM Apparently Renee Zellweger is a huge fan of film editing, and so she gives out this award: Best Editing: The Bourne Ultimatum. That's three!!

10:27PM Wow, I forgot that Crash won Best Picture.

10:25PM Kim says it's Hansard she loves, not Farrell. So there. Glen, I have her number.

10:23PM Woohoo! Jack Nicholson time! This guy's the freakin' man. Still. Here he intros a look back at the first 79 Best Picture Winners. Cool.

10:20PM You gotta remember Glen Hansard from The Commitments, right? He had crazy red hair back then.

10:18PM Colin Farell (aka Voynar's secret lover) slides on in to introduce a tune ("Falling Slowly") from Once. If this song doesn't win this award, I'll kick one of my three cats.

10:13PM Good lord is Marion cute.

10:12PM The always-cool Forest Whitaker is here to give out a big one. Best Actress: Marion Cotillard, La Vie en Rose!