The 400 or so people who live on "The Mesa" -- a 15-square-mile area of New Mexico without water or electricity -- have moved there for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, the documentary about them, Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa, starts by showing the most idiotic ones.

We meet a guy called Dreadie Jeff, so named because he has dreadlocks. He's wearing a T-shirt that says, "If you can read this, the b**** fell off!," which is a reference either to motorcycling or sex, or possibly both. He moved out here because it's the only place you can be FREE, man. The gubmint won't let you live your own life if you're in a city.
What is it that Dreadie Jeff wants to do that regular society won't allow? Well, he wants to stand around all day shootin' stuff, for one thing, which of course you can't do in a city. He also wants to live in a community where marijuana is the primary form of currency. So The Mesa is just right for him!

He speaks of his hate and mistrust of the government. Out here on The Mesa, he's totally away from all that! Oh, except for once a month when he and his fellow Mesans go into town to get food from the food bank. They can't really grow much out in the desert, and none of them have jobs or money, so they need those handouts to survive. Keep the government away from me! Unless, you know, they're offering free stuff. Then I'll take it. But give anything back to society? NO THANK YOU!

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