I feel bad for the poor souls who saw Silent Light without knowing anything about it first and came away hating it. They were probably expecting a movie that was, well, normal. You know, with a plot and stuff. A movie where things happen.

Silent Light is not that kind of movie. It is exceptionally slow and deliberate, with long, unbroken takes that often contain very little action at all. A man drives his truck away from his farmhouse and down a long dirt road to the highway -- and we don't cut away to another scene until the truck is a speck in the distance. Thirty seconds of watching a truck drive away, where a more conventional movie would have cut the shot after three or four seconds.

I explain all this up front because I think it's crucial you understand what sort of evening you're in for if you choose to watch Silent Light. If a very slow, 127-minute-long movie containing a plot that could be told in 10 minutes sounds unappealing to you, then by all means, skip it. No one will think less of you.

But if you can sometimes be caught up in the world of a well-crafted movie and enjoy the way it feels as opposed to the story it tells, then you may find it rewarding. Personally, I loved it. Some of the cinematography is breathtakingly beautiful, and there are moments of intense emotion that absolutely would not have worked in a "faster" movie. Certain things require more time and patience to be effective.

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