Animated short films have been eligible to win Oscars since the 1931/32 ceremony. Check out the list of winners on the Academy Awards Web site: all kinds of cartoonish and gorgeous animated styles have taken home awards (although Disney films won all the first eight years). The Three Little Pigs is one of my favorites, but other winners range from the notorious wartime short The Fuehrer's Face to Tom and Jerry in Yankee Doodle Mouse to the Pink Panther and Bugs Bunny. I never thought of Mr. Magoo as an Oscar winner, but he's got two of them, in 1954 and 1956. It's a treasure-trove of fabulous animation, all the way through the years to contemporary winners like Creature Comforts and Harvie Krumpet. Wouldn't it be fabulous to have all these winners on one DVD someday?

In the meantime, LiveJournal blogger Jhayne Holmes (aka porphyre) has found 46 of the Oscar-winning short films available on YouTube, and posted a list with all the links. I have to wonder if some of those shorts will stay online for long, but hopefully you'll have a chance to watch at least a few of them if you act quickly. Her entry also includes links to some of this year's Academy Award nominated shorts, which Jeffrey Anderson reviewed for Cinematical recently. This is a great resource, but be warned -- you can easily waste a whole afternoon watching these wonderful animated shorts.

[Thanks to my friend and longtime blogger Karen M. for the link.]