I guess Teri Polo has had enough of cinematic comedy for now. The woman who has played love interests in ultra-classics like Aspen Extreme and Mystery Date, not to mention marrying a certain Focker, has picked up another dramatic role. She's already wrapped production on Two: Thirteen -- a horror thriller about a police profiler and a serial killer (and not associated with Henry Rollins). Now The Hollywood Reporter says she's going to star in an indie thriller called The Beacon. Written and directed by Michael Stokes, the film co-stars David Rees Snell (The Shield), Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), and Michael Ironside (Scanners).

Polo plays Sally Helppie, a woman grieving over the death of her 4-year-old son. She moves with her husband (Snell), a college professor and author, into an old building called Beacon Apartments. There, she begins seeing dead people, or rather, a boy who fell into the building's elevator shaft and died while trying to run away from his abusive father. With the help of another professor (Urie), she tries to save the kid's spirit. Ironside, meanwhile, "plays a tough career cop who has adopted the residents."

I think I should have become a professor. They seem to be able to do a heck of a lot more than teaching and researching. They can help people discern what sort of novel they're living in, and they can even help exorcise spirits. I wonder how long it will be before there's a superhero called The Professor? Production on the film kicked off this week in Dallas.

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