I guess that collectively we are not finished raking over the coals of the story of Kurt Cobain. Collider recently spoke with Chicago 10 director, Brett Morgen, and found out that up next will be a 'mixed-media' doc about the reluctant rock star. Morgen is best known for the Robert Evans doc, The Kid Stays in the Picture. His follow up was the counter-culture flick, Chicago 10, which premiered at Sundance in 2007 to some decidedly mixed reviews. Still, Morgen hasn't been swayed from his trademark style, and the Cobain film will make use of animation, video, and film. Morgen told Collider that the Cobain film would make use of Cobain's personal artifacts and archival footage of the band. More importantly for fans, the film will also include some rarely seen stop-motion animation that Cobain had created.

Morgen is planning on starting the film in the next few months, and has apparently gotten the 'all-clear' from Cobain's widow, the infamous Courtney Love. Morgen's film will mark the third documentary about Cobain in 10 years (1998's Kurt and Courtney, and 2006's Kurt Cobain: About a Son). It makes you wonder what could possibly be left to say about the 'Martyr of Grunge'? As Morgen sees it, "The reason Kurt still resonates all over the world-you go anywhere all over this planet and you'll find kids who have Kurt tattooed on their arms. It's because he spoke-he was able to articulate his experiences as an alienated, disenfranchised kid and that's why I think his music is still relevant today and resonates all over the world and I think we have to make the film that's in every one of those kid's heads that represents them." I can't help but think that maybe it's about time we let Cobain rest in peace, don't you?

[via First Showing]
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