While a number of Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum have had continued success, the most explosive post-fang career for the people behind the scenes is Drew Goddard. He perked things up at the end of the series with some incredibly memorable episodes, then moved to Angel, Alias, and Lost. However, his success is even on the big screen now, as he's the pen behind Cloverfield, and he will be writing the upcoming sequel.

Still, in all of this action, he found time to write one of the comic arcs for Buffy, Season Eight. In his 4-issue arc, called Wolves at the Gate, (check out the cover over at Hollywood North Report) the vampire slayer heads to Tokyo to fight not werewolves, but the fanged ones. His involvement should make for a good read, but it begs a bigger question -- since he's continuing to be involved in the Buffyverse, and is finding success in film, could this mean good things for a potential Buffy movie?
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