There's nothing like a good movie poster to pump up your Monday after weekend shenanigans and hours of Oscar coverage. Over to the right, you can see the poster for La Linea. MoviesOnline says that an anonymous scooper sent them the image, and I'm betting that they got it over at IMDb. Whatever the case, it's looking just as sweet as it sounds.

I first blogged about the movie back in September. While it isn't a recreation of that animated line drawing, it is a new drug movie that has one hell of a cast. Ray Liotta stars as Mark Shields, a veteran assassin who is hunting down Pelon (Esai Morales), the head of the Salazar Cartel, while also getting close to a local gal named Olivia (Valerie Cruz). Set in Tijuana, the film has got these men to back up the action: Andy Garcia, Armand Assante, Bruce Davison, the Machete himself, Danny Trejo, and last but certainly not least -- Joe Morton.

The movie is set to hit screens this October, and I imagine that we'll get a trailer soon. Or, at least, I hope so. Every time my eyes read "Welcome to Tijuana" on that poster, I get a head full of Al Pacino following that line up with: "Say hello to my little friend." Whether it will actually be comparable to Scarface, we'll have to wait and see.