As much as I love complex art and creativity, there's something to be said for simplicity. Intricate graphics are well and good, but sometimes there's nothing quite like some cleverness mixed in with simplicity, and I'm not the only one who thinks so -- just take a look at the popularity of Anyhow, a simple and animated documentary/mockumentary short film was thrown up on YouTube last month, which you can see above.

A History of Evil traces evil from Ancient Greece through the present day. It would have to go at the speed of light to capture all of the moments over all of that time, so it just picks a few things here and there, with simple animation and a great voiceover. Some of the "evil" has been dastardly (Hitler), and some displaced (Elvis), which makes it a cool and biting look at our fears of perceived badness, and how the word is sometimes used a little too loosely.

I wonder if violence will now be blamed on the Ancient Greeks instead of video games? Or, maybe we should just continue to Blame Canada.

[via Movie City Indie]