I crashed pretty much right after the Oscars last night, but I convinced my wife to leave the TV on in bed in order to watch a little of whatever Jimmy Kimmel was going to do for his post-Oscars show. And, to my delight, he chose the time to seek his revenge on girlfriend Sarah Silverman and her "I'm f**king Matt Damon" music video. Oh yes, Kimmel took his video -- "I'm f**king Ben Affleck" -- to the next level. Not only did it open with a Brad Pitt cameo, but by the time it was over, a group of people were singing in a "We are the World" format; folks like Don Cheadle, Huey Lewis, Robin Williams, Joan Jett, McLovin', Lance Bass ... and Harrison Ford. Yes! Harrison friggin' Ford driving a car with a bumper stick that read, "Honk if you're f**king Ben Affleck." I don't know how in the world they convinced Mr. Serious to appear in this thing, but nevertheless the entire thing was a riot.

Check out the video above. And in case you missed the Silverman/Damon video that started this whole thing, you can view it after the jump. Enjoy.