"Do you have the crazy?" is one of the tag-lines for the Magnolia-released indie horror flick The Signal. And it sure seems like one Orange County theater-goer had a small dose of the crazy when he (somewhat randomly) stabbed two people -- and he didn't even wait for the movie to end!

According to MSNBC, "one man suffered a stab wound to the arm, which punctured into his chest and was taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange. The other man was also stabbed in the arm ... Both are expected to survive ... The attacker, who is believed to have been kicked out of the theater earlier, escaped." The story also involves a mysterious bag of "illegal substances," so let's not get all knee-jerk and blame the movie for the violence.

Seems that the stabber got away, but police are following up on a few leads. I was going to get in touch with one of the Signal-makers and ask them for a reaction, but that seemed a little silly. Does anyone want people getting STABBED while their movie plays? I think not.
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