If he keeps writing and selling this fast, Joe Hill's IMDB page will rival his father's in a few short years.

Joe Hill is, of course, the son of famous horror author Stephen King, but he has managed to succeed entirely on his own merits. His graphic novel (first in a series), Locke & Key, has already been optioned by Dimension Films and it was only just published this month by IDW. Dimension chief Bob Weinstein is excited to develop the series into a franchise: "I love what Joe wrote. There are fun elements that horror fans love, and it feels like a franchise where you can feel satisfied with each film, but there is a door left open for the next one."

His first novel, Heart-Shaped Box, was optioned by Warner Bros before it was even published. Locke & Key centers around Keyhouse, an eerie New England mansion full of doors that transform all who walk through them. The mansion's caretakers are a trio of children, who discover that the doors can alter their appearance and gender, take them to different locations, and even gift them with magical powers. If that sounds too happy and Narniaish, rest assured, a violent and dangerous creature is lurking behind one of the doors -- and it's probably not Aslan.

I haven't read this yet (IDW barely sends enough copies of Angel: Season Six to my local comic shop; they probably didn't even send this), but it sounds intriguingly creepy. But here's a rare chance to preview a developing project for free -- IDW has a few pages up for you to browse.
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