I never had the pleasure of visiting The Deuce as New York's 42nd Street was called during its heyday as a venue for exploitation cinema. On the one hand it sounds like it was one scary ass neighborhood, but if some rundown theater was running all of the Ilsa Films back to back or maybe a Sonny Chiba marathon, or perhaps an Andy Milligan retrospective, I might have been tempted to take the risk. For a fascinating history of films on 42nd Street I highly recommend Bill Landis and Michelle Clifford's book Sleazoid Express, and I have to say 42nd Street Forever, Vol. 3 - Exploitation Explosion recently released by AV Maniacs and Synapse Films also makes for a great introduction to the exploitation films of this period.

I've collected tons of trailer compilations over the years, and this is easily one of the best. There's a whopping 47 trailers here, some of which will have B-movie buffs scouring Ebay and Amazon for the film itself while others will leave you shocked and appalled that anyone would waste film stock on such an atrocity. The deal is sweetened by the addition of a handful of TV spots, some of which cover the same films as the trailers. But the highlight of the disk is the audio commentary, a feature I've never seen on a trailer comp. Edwin Samuelson of AV Maniacs, Fangoria Managing Editor Mike Gingold and Film Historian Chris Poggiali provide some fascinating background. What kind of movies are we talking about here? The trailers are grouped by sub-genres covering every category from martial arts to horror to dopey Porkies-inspired comedies.
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