Here's a hypothetical question: How would you get along with your father if he was bed-ridden ... and a vampire?!! That's part of the premise for Maidenhead, an independent film starring AJ Bowen (The Signal) and the great Michael Parks (a bunch of cool movies, including both installments of Kill Bill). The trailer is up exclusively at Icons of Fright, and it is quite intriguing. It's shot in black and white, has a lovely retro look, and features a big-mouthed narrator with a flat accent.

According to an interview the site conducted with Bowen in the past, Maidenhead is "kind of a counter culture black & white Twilight Zone episode. ... It's really about a creepy guy who finds his soul." Bowen says that writer/director Jim Spanos was influenced by the usual (good) suspects: David Lynch, George A. Romero, David Cronenberg, and Alfred Hitchcock. As I commented above, the trailer has a retro look; Bowen commented: "It's stylistically, aesthetically not of this time. ... [But] we didn't want to try to say specifically what time it is."

Dread Centralpointed to the trailer, and is also hosting ten exclusive stills. Like the trailer, they're evocative without being explicit or giving anything away about the story. The official Maidenhead site is no less secretive; all it has is the trailer so far. If nothing else, the film has a different look and feel to it, so count me in as another curious soul. We'll keep an eye out for future details.

[ Via Dread Central ]