In January, Olivia Wilde joined Harold Ramis' new comedy, The Year One. Her oh-so-lucky role -- Princess Inanna, Jack Black's love interest. Now, there's a number of geek dudes I could get into, but the goofy Black is not one of them (unless we're talking the really old-school days when he was on All-American Girl). Nevertheless, he'll get to sauce it up with her in the film, let her live up to her name, and it could be very, very risque, considering what she told MTV.

It appears that Inanna isn't just some random princess, but the princess of Sodom. Oh yes -- that whole Sodom and Gomorrah thing, and the root of that lovely word -- sodomy. Wilde says: "Michael Cera and Jack Black go on this journey, and they are searching for the meaning of life...they meet all these characters you'll recognize from the bible. It's all these brilliant references to historical things..." Just how much they reference S&G -- the towns infamous for being destroyed by God for their rampant lasciviousness -- she doesn't say. However, she does say: "There'll be a hint towards [the lead characters falling for me], then Jack Black and I come together. It's really funny what we do, and what happens next."

Just how far they will push it, and how over-the-top it becomes, remains to be seen. It's currently filming in Shreveport, Lousiana, and we should find out next year when the comedy hits theaters. In the meantime, hop through the jump and watch The Professor Brothers video about Sodom and Gomorrah to whet your appetite for sexy destruction.
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