EDIT: Yes, Paramount has officially confirmed this poster as fake. You can stop writing nasty e-mails to me now. It's difficult to fact check when the facts aren't there to check, dear readers. . .

Courtesy of Paul and the Unofficial Movieblog, we have the latest Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull poster. It was photographed out in the movie wilds, so that's why it's not as crystal clear as you may wish, but it should fulfill your Shia LeBeouf wishes.

He looks less than thrilled, doesn't he? I wasn't sure what he was holding at first, but I think it's Cate Blanchett's rapier. Rapiers, of course, being standard weaponry in the Soviet Union of the 1950's. Maybe that's why he looks a bit sad. "I thought I was going to get a gun. Why can't I have a gun? Even a whip is cooler than a gun. Dad's got a whip AND a gun."

I just can't get excited for this movie. I keep expecting to wake up and find out it is all a bad dream or elaborate fan prank.
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