We're only a few months away from Sex and the City's big movie release. Of course, that leads to the question: What television show will get made into a movie next? We usually get geek and retro fare making the jump, but since this is a romantic comedy, the door will be open for a whole bunch of recently-wrapped series. Arrested Development is getting yet another stab at life, but what else could make it?

MTV recently talked with Birds of America co-stars Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry about the possibility of their super-popular shows becoming feature films. Graham, well, she says she doesn't know, no matter how many times people keep asking her -- and she has no idea what it would be about: "Nothing much happened; we just talked a lot." That's true, but a feature film could allow Amy Sherman-Palladino to finally give us that ending she referenced for so long, but that we never got, leaving us in an unfulfilled, post-Gilmore disappointment. Perry, meanwhile, says: "everyone's running around doing different things. I think we're trying to organize a thing soon." However, by "thing" he means a dinner with the Friends cast. Sneaky bugger.

Should SatC end up being a big money maker, methinks we'll at least hear a bunch of possible plans for these old shows. It's just too bad that it's too late for more My So-Called Life.

Which wrapped television series would you like to see on the big screen?
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