Though the film Untraceable debuted in the states last month, it arrives in the UK this week and a new online marketing campaign was launched not long ago to help promote the overseas release. Great. Super. Not quite. Apparently, the interactive company Picture Production Company set up a Facebook page called "Kill With Me," and we're being told (via the Guardian) that said page "has been gradually revealing more and more of a visceral torture scene from the Untraceable movie to Facebook members." That's not all -- here's a copy of the text that was also featured on the page: "This guy is going to die. You want to see his stinking flesh burn and bleed and blacken? Until he's some twisted dead thing? This is what you want. And I've filmed it especially for you. The more fans I get, the more I'll show ..."

A similar marketing tactic for the same movie was used on the video community Seesmic, where "an actor planted on the service briefly disappeared, and was then filmed by a video camera being bound, gagged and seemingly executed." The dude in charge of PPC knew both pages would be pulled, but wanted to "push the boundaries of what is acceptable in an online community with the Untraceable marketing campaign." I don't know about you, but tricking people into believing they're watching someone being murdered is taking it a bit too far. I understand the need to consistently up the ante with regards to marketing campaigns (especially for horror/thriller flicks), but where do you draw the line.

If you came across a campaign like this, would it make you want to see the film? Or is this taking it too far? Additionally, where do you draw the line these days? Sound off below ...

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