Yesterday, I wrote about the upcoming movie Shelter, which will star Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. But did you know that there's almost twenty "Shelter" films listed over on IMDb? Some are foreign, a couple were on television, and the rest all just have the same name. (I guess no one checks their title on that wonderfully handy database.) While one gears up to get bloody, another is going into limited release this April.

I was alerted to this other project by a certain Mr. W, who was reading Cinematical and was so excited to see that I was writing about Shelter. Then he saw that my Shelter wasn't his Shelter. This other movie, all wrapped up and waiting for the big screen, is a romantic sports drama written and directed by Jonah Markowitz, and it's just as worthy of a post.

The story: Although he has dreams of going to art school, a young surfer named Zach works in a crappy job and helps take care of his sister's son. When his best friend's older brother Shaun comes home and the two fall for each other, Zach is caught between his own passions and his family's needs. It looks like a great film, and it's already won a bunch of awards at Gay & Lesbian fests -- from Best Film and Best Cinematography to Favorite Feature. But don't just take my word for it, or the word of all the people behind the films 6 awards, check out the trailer after the jump.