Honest to blog, folks! Even though director Jason Reitman has said there will not be a sequel to the mega-hit Juno, the script for the sequel was written and -- get this -- you can own it for a crisp $100,001.00. Oh yes, my friends, the sequel to Juno (Juno 2 or Juno She's Pregnant Again?) is now available (in script form) on eBay. Unfortunately, Diablo Cody did not write the script -- someone by the name of screenwriter_in_paradise is the mind behind this masterpiece.

Thanks to Slashfilm, we get the following hilarious quote on the eBay page: "Juno grossed over $130 million domestically. I have written the sequel. If Mr. Mudd, Mandate or Fox Searchlight don't buy than it is available to any legitimate production company that wants to jump on the bandwagon. Your lawyers will tell you the names will have to be changed, so we will call this 111 page script Juno-like or Junoesque. A 4-page sample is available via e-mail." And how is Fox Searchlight not all over this friggin' winner right now? Searchlight? Are you out there? Were you aware that a sequel to Juno is already written ... and available on eBay? Why is this not in development yet? I'd definitely be interested in reading that 4-page sample, if only to see how it stacks up against the Juno sequel I wrote last week. Don't worry, now that I know the starting price, I'll offer mine up for only $99,002.00. Beat THAT screenwriter_in_paradise!

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