Mid-strike, filmmaker Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg signed on for Cocaine Cowboys, a feature adaptation of that cocaine trafficking documentary that came out back in 2006. Mr. Wahlberg was set to play Jon Roberts, a Miami drug dealer who distributed billions of dollars worth of cocaine. Now Page Six says that he'll be joined by Departed co-star Leonardo DiCaprio for all of the retro drug shenanigans.

A movie insider told the site that this film "will blow Blow out of the water," and that Leo "is excited about the opportunity to play the airplane pilot who travels with Mark's character to obtain kilos of cocaine from Pablo Escobar." Correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume that means Leo will be Mickey Munday? (Get more info on the story through the above doc link, or in an old interview here.)

Considering how schnazzy the documentary about Roberts is, I would hope that this isn't just a straight-out drama, but something with a Basketball Diaries sort of life to it -- the film that first brought Marky Mark and Leo together. I like Leo best when he gets to be a little crazy -- a poetic, struggling Jim Carroll, or a wacky Howard Hughes, and would love to see him with a little flair in this. But what do you think? Are you ready for Leo and Marky Part 3?
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