The other day we brought you the first image from Richard Kelly's (Donnie Darko) new film The Box, and now USA Today has a whole slew of images featuring the cast and that darn box. Imagine, if you will, some guy who looked a lot like Frank Langella showed up to your house with a mysterious box, and said that you could push a button on said box and come into great wealth. However, once the button is pressed, someone somewhere will die. What would you do? Well, something tells me we wouldn't have much of a movie if Cameron Diaz and James Marsden (who play the husband and wife who come in possession of the box) didn't go ahead and push the button.

On the film, Diaz says, "This is the most beautiful love story ever. It's so romantic, especially at the end. Other then that, it's a crazy, si-fi psychological thriller with a twist of conscience." The Box is supposed to be Kelly's big commercial film, after the writer-director had a hard time wowing audiences with the experimental Darko and the recent Southland Tales. But if you take a couple and put them into a freaky situation everyone can relate to, I imagine ticket sales will look a tad better this time. So far I'm loving the retro vibe and I truly hope Kelly pulls off a damn good thriller. We could use one of those. Check out one more photo below, then head to USA Today to view the rest.

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