Something tells me you won't like Edward Norton when he's angry. Oh yes, Empire grabbed two new photos from this summer's The Incredible Hulk; one of which shows Bruce Banner (Ed Norton) all kinds of pissed off. I think it's safe to say you wouldn't want to be around that guy when sh*t hits the fan. These are the first images to hit in quite some time, as marketing for the new Hulk flick has been limited. The first trailer is supposed to hit early next month, but in the meantime feast your eyes on the new image above. Empire also has a second image featuring a first look at William Hurt as General Ross, which you can view to the right of your screen.

Director Louis Letterier also talked about this version will differ from the previous Ang Lee film: "We didn't want to make a cerebral movie. We wanted full action, Hulk smashing stuff up. But Ed Norton's script has given Bruce's story real gravitas – Marvel has always made their superhero movies with great actors to make it tangible and Ed has nailed it here. Admittedly, I'm not the most adult director, but just because we're making a superhero movie, it doesn't just have to appeal to 13-year-old boys. Ed and I both see superheroes as the new Greek gods, so there's a classical undercurrent to Bruce's psycho-drama. It's Prometheus, Pandora's Box, Hercules...but with explosions." (Notice how he says "Ed Norton's script." Way to give Zak Penn the shaft on that one.)

The Incredible Hulk hits theaters on June 13.

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