Now with MORE Johnny Rico! Oh yes, those bug-killing troopers are back for a third time in the direct-to-DVD title Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, and the first trailer for the film can be seen above. What can you say? They really do attempt to bring in some of the cheese from the first film, but the smaller budget really shows. In the original, those bugs were dark, nasty and scary. Now, they're, well, kinda cute and funny. Or maybe it's just me -- by all means, watch the trailer yourself and tell me I'm dead wrong. Please. I want to be wrong here. Unfortunately, I know our readers, and I know you folks will probably feel the same way.

Good news is that Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien) is back reprising his role from the first film, which is sad and quite hilarious (who knew Casper Van Dien would be such a selling point) at the same time. Also starring are Jolene Blalock (as Lola Beck) and Boris Kodjoe (as Dix Hauzer). I do give them credit for the names; those always fit the mood of the films. In this third installment, Johnny Rico is now a general and total bad ass, and he apparently leads a group of troops back into battle against the bugs. Isn't that what all the films are about? Look for it to hit DVD shelves later this year.