No, it isn't April Fools Day yet. Now hearing this news, that The Rock was going to be the Tooth Fairy, led me to Bad Santa visions. Or, maybe a bit role in some weird dream sequence -- all the fairy tale people played by muscle-rippling ex-wrestlers. Then again, The Rock is pretty big on his feel-good roles, so it could just be straight up tooth saving -- and that's just what it seems to be. Variety reports that Dwayne Johnson is going to star in an upcoming project called The Tooth Fairy for 20th Century Fox. And these are the pens behind it -- Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel, plus Joshua Sternin & Jeffrey Ventimilia. Ganz and Mandel wrote Splash (Oscar nom), Spies Like Us, Parenthood, City Slickers...

If you're wondering how on earth The Rock could play the dainty, tooth-sneaking fairy, I have two words for you: Michael Lembeck. That not enough? He's the director behind the second and third sequels of The Santa Clause. To top that off, the Variety description goes right along with any logical assumptions made, based on Lembeck: "Johnson will play an ordinary man who's brought in to try to save the tooth fairy kingdom."

Does that mean he won't become the fairy and just help the fairy keep her kingdom, or are they about to get really progressive and slowly morph the beefy star into the petite dental icon of our youth? Production will begin this August.

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