It's a slow day today... But here are Variety's latest casting bites:
  • He's been a Kim of Comedy, and lately he's been playing around on The Real Wedding Crashers, but now actor and comedian Steve Byrne is getting a high-profile feature gig in The Goods: The Don Ready Story. Well, the film, not so much the role, although it could certainly prove to be memorable. He will play an irate customer at Jeremy Piven's dealership. This is his second feature in the last year, as he's also got a role in the indie comedy Don't Shoot the Pharmacist! But for now, check out some of theselinks to see what the comedian is all about. Personally, I hope he's an irate customer in pink short shorts.
  • Earlier this month, I posted that Brittany Snow was joining Lee Toland Krieger's indie film called The Vicious Kind. The film centers on a girl is targeted by her boyfriend's obsessed older brother (to be played by Adam Scott) when she's taken home for Thanksgiving. Now Alex Frost and J.K. Simmons have nabbed gigs in the film. While there is no word on who they're going to play, let me go out on a limb and say Frost, who is a year younger than Snow, is the boyfriend, and Simmons is his dad. Frost got his start starring as Alex in Elephant, while Simmons is, of course, Spider-Man's J. Jonah Jameson. For now, you can see the young actor in two upcoming films that hit screens next month -- Stop Loss and Drillbit Taylor.
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