And away we go ...

Three new stills from the upcoming direct-to-DVD prequel Batman: Gotham Knights have been released online (via Kung Fu Rodeo), and they once again show a ripped Batman looking all pissed off at something or someone. The new stills don't look much different from the three that were released earlier in the week, so I'm not sure if they are all from the same mini-story or different. I do notice subtle changes, but does it matter? I just want to watch this thing now. Set for release on July 8, the disc will feature six interlocking stories that will serve as a bridge between the two live-action films, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Villains rumored to be appearing include Scarecrow, Killer Croc and Deadshot. (Additionally, a Deadshot toy is floating around somewhere, so either it's a tie-in to the DVD, or we could be looking at another possible villain for Dark Knight and beyond.) Check out more pics from Batman: Gotham Knights after the jump.

Now, to Star Wars! So we already know George Lucas is planning a 100-episode live-action TV show set between Episodes III and IV. Last we heard, the scripts were being written and most of the talk surrounded the Star Wars animated series debuting this fall. Well, The tells us (via Liverpool Daily Post) that Jim Marquand has been asked by Lucas to direct episodes of the live-action show. Who is Jim Marquand, you ask? Well, he just happens to be the son of Richard Marquand, director of Return of the Jedi. Pretty cool stuff -- we'll have to see how he does. I wonder if Lucas will direct an episode or two himself?

Note: Thanks to the commenter for pointing out the real toy name, Deathstroke and not Deadshot. I got them confused.

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