After hitting a film festival and premiering last August for extended Russian audiences, then screening in Berlin this month, The Hollywood Reporter posts that the rights to the Russian fashion satire Gloss have been picked up by Fortissimo Films. The company will handle the worldwide sales rights to the feature, outside France and Russia, in a deal made with director Andrei Konchalovsky.

Where most fashion flicks focus on the turmoils of working in the industry, Konchalovsky's film focuses on a girl who can't find her fashion break. Galya heads to Moscow from her coal-mining town, determined to become a high-fashion model and appear in a magazine called Beauty. The EIC, however, tells her that she doesn't have what it takes, so she's forced to take a job as a seamstress, struggling to work her way to the top. But the top is a little different than what you'd imagine. (You can read a detailed outline here.)

While the film is still in sales mode, it will be screening for audiences at the Hong Kong International Film Festival next month.
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