Fox 2000 has purchased the rights to Jeff Kenney's best-selling illustrated novel Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Yes, illustrated, not graphic -- there's text in between the cartoons.

Diary is one of those Internet success stories that are happening more and more often these days. It was originally a web-book on Funbrain before being published in 2007 in book form, where it became an instant bestseller. The sequel was just published on January 1, 2008.

The book follows young Greg Heffley through a year of middle school, with all the usual trials and tribulations of an undersized weakling. From what I gather, Greg is a regular James "Sawyer" Ford of his middle school, even exploiting his slower best friend if it'll get him out of a jam. Will that come off as charming and funny, or really bratty and unsympathetic? And will it star Freddie Highmore, as all young adult films do?

It's cool to see studios picking up kid-friendly graphic (excuse me, illustrated) novels though. Hopefully someone will land on Mail Order Ninja soon.

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