And here I was thinking "Wow, we haven't heard much about The Spirit lately."

Frank Miller has posted his third blog on the film's official site and this one finds him full of praise for his cast. "One outstanding reason I am a lucky SOB is because I get to work with beautiful goddesses and gods who also, by the way, can ACT." Miller certainly has lined up a fairly impressive cast -- though even the fanboys are skeptical that Jaime King and Eva Mendes fall into the "great talent" category.

I don't know if it's my compute or the site, but the blog goes blank about halfway through, so if it works for you, you'll have to fill me in on what else Miller says. All in all, his blogs make one hope that Miller directs as well as he writes about directing. . .

Sadly, while he opened the floor to heroic discussion, a look at the forum reveals he never actually stayed to listen. And here I was hoping I'd discovered the secret place where Miller hangs out and talks about bullets, broads, and booze.
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