Did you know that when he was getting started, George Carlin wanted to be Danny Kaye? In an interview with CNN, Carlin said: "Danny Kaye was my childhood dream when I was 10, 11. I kind of looked at that and thought, 'Gee, I can do that. ... He makes funny faces, he talks in funny accents and he can do very, very intricate vocal pieces.'" Well, he definitely didn't turn out like Kaye, but I must give him props for taste.

I adore Danny Kaye. I really wanted this rewind to be from The Cosby Show, when the comedian and actor had appeared as the dentist (in his last role) -- but it's not floating in the sea of YouTube. However, there's something from around the same time that's an excellent alternative. Above, you've got Danny Kaye as the Swedish Chef's uncle. I really miss that man... Borga, borga, borga!