I've said it before and I'll say it again: I know nothing of this Harry Potter world. I know enough to write about news regarding the films, and occasionally I'll have to do some research before writing a Potter-related post, but to this day I have not picked up one of the books or watched one of the films in its entirety. Perhaps after the seventh film comes out, I'll finally sit down and embrace the Potter universe, but for now, I know nothing. However, this new documentary premiering at next month's South by Southwest Festival looks pretty damn interesting.

It's called We Are Wizards, and it follows several hardcore Potter fans whose lives -- in one way or another -- all revolve around that little boy wizard with glasses. From the synopsis on YouTube: "WE ARE WIZARDS tracks the influential figures leading the creative subculture surrounding the popular series. The film follows a set of individuals ranging from web journalists, authors, artists, filmmakers and musicians, as they enhance and expand the Harry Potter story, often in unexpected ways. WE ARE WIZARDS is a portrayal of creative fans with a common goal: to make their voices heard." We'll be hitting this film up at SXSW, so don't worry Potter fans -- we'll let you know how it is. But you have to admit the trailer looks rather fascinating. Am I right?

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