Spike Jonze's adaptation of Where the Wild Things Arenow has a release date , but the question still remains as to what we will see in theatres. Warner Bros has announced that they will release the film on October 16, 2009 -- but rumors still abound that the entire thing will be recast and reshot. Previously, I reported that test screenings had ended in disaster, and the studio was unhappy with the final product.

The late release date (one year later than originally planned, and three years after principal photography wrapped) seems to verify the reports, as it is more than enough time to scrap the film and redo it.

Now one fan is throwing off the gloves and begging AICN to help get Jonze's film on the big screen. Mystery Fan is one of the lucky few to have been at the test screening. They loved it. You can pop on over and read the review -- and perhaps hop on the "Save Spike Jonze" bandwagon. Though, I must admit, it is pretty hard to do when so few of us have seen anything. Perhaps Jonze wants to throw some film clips or stills our way? If you're going to go down, you might as well go out swinging ...
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