These days, in some ways, it's much easier to be a fan -- and much cheaper! Instead of having to buy a bunch of teen and gossip mags to clip out pictures, make collages, show your adoration, you can make a website. But then, there are the studios that often shut them down. Unfortunately, it's been a constant struggle and no matter what well-meaning fans say, there's always someone out there to ruin it for the rest.

CNN reports that JK Rowling is suing RDR Books because they plan to publish the "Harry Potter Lexicon" -- basically, all the info that one fan collected about the series, from a site she had previously praised for its fan efforts. See our original report on this over here. The company says that her acceptance of fan-based websites "justified the efforts." Rowling states: "If RDR's position is accepted, it will undoubtedly have a significant, negative impact on the freedoms enjoyed by genuine fans on the Internet. Authors everywhere will be forced to protect their creations much more rigorously, which could mean denying well-meaning fans permission to pursue legitimate creative activities." On the flip side, they say that she's creating a monopoly over the work.
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