The Dark Knight has launched a new wave of viral marketing. Simply head on over to I Believe in Harvey Dent and enter your e-mail address if you want to join in the fight to save Gotham City. You should receive an auto-response from Dent very quickly. The next step has yet to be revealed, but instructions are to keep checking Dent's site. I hope this campaign will feature threatening voice mails again -- I like getting death threats from Gotham's crooked cops!

The last campaign was in December, revealing the new trailer and poster. What do you think we'll see this time? Given who's leading this one, I wonder if we will finally get a glimpse of Two-Face. (Other than the action figure, of course.)

I suspect this will be the first of many viral campaigns focused on Dent -- it is the first we have had since Heath Ledger's tragic death and it is significantly Joker-less. Will we see the Joker online again before the movie hits theatres? Am I wrong in hoping that we will?

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