This really seems like something that should end up in a rejected screenplay collection ...

The Hollywood Reporterhas the scoop on an indie film called Bumped, a story described as a modern day version of The Breakfast Club. The twist is that five twenty-somethings will be stranded in Chicago O'Hare Airport after being bumped from a flight. One is a corporate go-getter, one a flirt, another a musician, and so on. They wouldn't normally be friends for reasons that aren't really apparent from the vantage of adulthood ... but would probably be apparent within the social structure of high school.

The movie will be the directorial debut by McG protege Anna Mastro, and will be produced by veteran producer Bridget Johnson. The script is by Lizzy Weiss. It will be financed independently, so we can't really complain that studios are ignoring originality.

Maybe I'm just jealous because I never make any friends in airports when I'm stuck in one. I just end up eating terrible fast food and flipping through the sleazier bestsellers, which I hurriedly put back when someone in the shop seems to be judging me.

I just hope the corporate go-getter or musician punches the air at the end, a'la Judd Nelson.

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