So before anyone gets too excited, we should probably all take a step back and consider whether we should be really taking the word of Mike Tyson. The scandal plagued boxer recently told the sports paper Review-Journal that "Me and Jamie Foxx are going to do a collaboration. He's going to play me in my life story. We've talked about it many times." Tyson was giving a pep-talk to troubled youngsters in Las Vegas. Not to be sarcastic, but it must have been a community service deal, since Tyson isn't necessarily the best role model for staying out of trouble.

Jamie Foxx is rapidly becoming the go-to guy for real-life flicks. Foxx made a name for himself when he starred in the life story of famed gang leader (and peacemaker), Stan 'Tookie' Williams. Then, of course, was his Oscar-winning performance in Ray. Next up is another musical biopic, The Soloist with Catherine Keener, and then he has signed to play Earl Sanders in the real- life crime drama, The Zebra Murders.

One thing is for sure, there has been no shortage of drama in the life of the famed heavy weight, so there is plenty of material to work with. There have been accusations of spousal abuse, drug charges, assault charges, rape convictions, prison time, bankruptcy, and a conversion to Islam. Not to mention that whole ear-biting thing. So far there has been no word from Foxx about the project so only time will tell if this movie is anything more than wishful thinking on the part of Tyson. The only question is can Tyson handle airing his dirty laundry on the big screen?

Could you see Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson?
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