I shouldn't admit it, but I am losing track of what all Judd Apatow is bringing to the screen in the coming months. It is like he is producing or directing everything!

At any rate, there's a new one on the horizon. Variety reports that Judd Apatow, Nick Stoller and Jason Segel are teaming up again with Universal Pictures for Five Year Engagement. They are fresh off their last collaboration, the upcoming Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Segel and Stoller will once again co-write the script, with Segel reassuming leading man duties. Apatow will produce with Shauna Robertson. Not surprisingly, it is another raunchy comedy about a couple, this time charting the ups and downs of one that is engaged to be married. "It's definitely an extension of our desire to explore the depth of human misery," Stoller says. "If Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) and Jason's character had stayed together, this might be the sequel."

I think we can all agree that no one captures the ugliness of a relationship quite as well as Apatow's crew. Will the formula be utterly worn out by Five Year Engagement, or is there still plenty of miserable depth to explore?
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