Today is February 29 -- you know, Leap Day. I've always thought that since February 29 is a bonus day, nothing we do should count against our permanent record. Skip work, get drunk, start a fight, whatever. It doesn't count! Today doesn't even really exist! It's like a limbo day between February and March.

Now, a peculiarity of our Gregorian calendar is that February 29 falls on a Friday (or on any other particular day) only every 28 years. Leap day was a Friday in 1924, 1952, and 1980; it'll happen again in 2036. And since movies are generally released on Friday, that means movies with a release date of February 29 are exceedinglyrare, being limited to the years I just mentioned.

Does anyone else find this interesting?! Then stay with me!

Today's new releases -- Semi-Pro, Penelope, The Other Boleyn Girl, and a few limited-release flicks -- have very little company in the February 29 Release Date Club. You can have a look on IMDb's history page for February 29, but keep in mind that their list includes shorts, as well as movies that "opened" at film festivals on February 29, neither of which really count for our purposes.
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