He was the talk of the red carpet Sunday night after interrupting Ryan Seacrest's interview with Jennifer Garner, only to wrap Garner in a bear-hug and kiss her neck. I'd say the poor gal was a bit freaked out. And then there's Gary Busey's date in the background, trying to push her way in toward Seacrest, smiling like a moron in that ugly green dress. Anyway, Busey, as always, was a maniac. Now, check out what happened after the ceremony (I believe it's after), as an 11-year-old female reporter attempts to approach Busey for an interview.

She sounds like a cute girl, shooting these red carpet things for a website called StarzLife.com. I don't think she runs the website, but they most likely brought her in to do the reporting -- probably because it was the only way they could get a celeb to talk to them. So the girl tries to talk to Busey, and the guy just verbally abuses her. Not so much that he was making fun of her, but treating her like a complete moron -- raising his voice, asking her to repeat the question 30 times, then refusing to give the girl a shout out for the site. "I don't do shout outs," he, well, shouted.

But we'll give her a shout out. Go visit StarzLife.com. There ya go kid. Check out the video above.

[via EW]