You know, I think I've been pretty understanding about Hollywood ruining most of my childhoodmemories, but this time they have gone too far. Cinema Blend reports that they have gotten confirmation that the 80's classic The Last Starfighter is on the fast-track for a follow up movie. A scooper told the site that George Paige and Associates are producing and that the film is set to start shooting later this month. A quick check confirms that the production is listed on the Page and Associates site and a deal with Universal and Relativity Media does make it all seem that much more legit.

For those of you out there who never saw the story of a young man who gets recruited for a galactic war by a video game in a trailer park, then you are missing out. Sure it's outdated, the effects might not be what they once were, but I don't care -- it was the 80's. Plus as a nine-year-old girl, Lance Guest was the height of 'dreaminess'.

There have been rumblings of another flick before, but sources for CB say that this time it is for real. They claim, "It involves original director Nick Castle, writer Jonathan Betuel and actor Lance Guest. It's your basic Son of the Starfighter storyline and actually sounds pretty cool" -- just as long as they don't call it Son of Starfighter, because that might just put me over the edge. So it looks like this flick is about to become a reality and it shouldn't come as a surprise considering the amount of 80's remakes and sequels floating around lately. Nothing is confirmed yet, so stay tuned to Cinematical for the official announcement.
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