My fangirl heart went nuts last November, when a rumor went around that Seth Rogen wanted Huey Lewis to record music for Pineapple Express. When he popped up in the ever-so-brilliant Kimmel/Affleck "We Are the World" spoof, I began to wonder again. Huey still sounds great, and really, the world needs more of him. Well, I now "Believe in Love" because he is, indeed, the music man for the upcoming comedy's feature song.

I missed this the other day, but Movieweb was talking with director David Gordon Green, and got him to "perform" some of the theme song. Well, more like mumble some of the words, which really doesn't do it justice. The lyrics of the chorus are: "We got in trouble, we got to get out of here. I've got you, you've got me. We are as high as we can be. That's all right. How did we get into this mess? Pineapple Express!"

Originally, Seth Rogen was looking for the "Power of Love," but Green says it is more like "Back in Time." As long as Huey performs it, instead of David, I bet it'll be great. Now we've just got to see if they've Lewis-ized it any more. I still think a spoof of "I Want a New Drug" would be perfect for this flick. But I'll settle for "Pineapple Express" and a lot of alto sax.