So I'm a little torn about this news. On one hand, I've seen Nick Palumbo's Murder Set Pieces, and I think it's one of the most witless, worthless horror flicks of the past ten years. It's basically a distillation of all the "torture porn" arguments you've been hearing over the last few years -- and it makes stuff like Hostel 2 and Saw 3 look like they were directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It's not the flick's moronically over-the-top violence that bugs me; it's that the movie has no point at all besides the visual nastiness, and that crap gets real old real fast.

But on the other hand ... as much as I dislike the flick, I simply cannot stand on the side of censorship. And that looks to be the case here. According to Variety, the British Board of Film Classification has outright banned the flick. BBFC chief David Cooke has this to say: "Rejecting a work outright is a serious matter and the board considered whether the issue could be dealt with through cuts ... However, given the unacceptable content featured throughout, and that what remains is essentially preparatory and set-up material for the unacceptable scenes, cutting the work is not a viable option in this case and the work is therefore refused a classification."

Hmph. More unwarranted controversy for a flick that's got nothing but unwarranted controversy in its corner. Wanna see what all the hoopla is about? FEARnet has the flick available to watch online (for free), so feel free to check it out right here. (It's the R rated version, but it's still plenty nasty.) Personally, I wouldn't recommend spending a lot of time with the flick, but you could at least skip around a little, just to see how bad it is.
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