This Variety story comes with a bit of mystery because I cannot find a trace of the book or author anywhere. . .

Material Entertainment has just won the rights to John Drake's debut novel Flint & Silver, an adult prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Treasure Island. The book is set to be published later this year -- it must be much later, as there's nary a trace on Google. So all anyone knows is that it recounts the rivalry between Captain Flint and Long John Silver -- and since it's adult, it probably has wenches.

As Material is a joint venture between Entertainment Film Distributors and New Line Intl, I wonder if this will see a big release, or disappear into DVD obscurity like so many costume pieces. I certainly hope it's the former. I am always up for a swashbuckling pirate movie, and I hope this signals the first of a Jack Sparrow-inspired renaissance. I'd love to see some historical pirate tales tackled -- Calico Jack, Anne Bonny, Captain Kidd, Grace O' Malley. . .endless possibilities!
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