IESB is excitedly speculating on a coy comment made by actor Djimon Hounsou yesterday during a press junket for Never Back Down. Honsou mentioned that he had just signed on to star in a comic book trilogy, which he called his "dream project." He refused to give any more details.

The most popular guess is that Hounsou is going to be the Black Panther -- but it could just as easily be Luke Cage or Tintin, both of which are in development right now. I honestly think Hounsou is talking about Tintin. It is going to be produced by Steven Spielberg, who has worked with Hounsou before on Amistad. And he specifically mentioned a trilogy of films, which Tintin reportedly will be.

While IESB is skeptical, claiming that Tintin isn't really a comic book movie, I think it is more likely to be Hounsou's dream project than the Black Panther. Tintin is wildly popular in Europe and appeared first in France -- where Hounsou lived during his early years.

Not all comic book movies involve superpowers -- and not everyone's dream is to don skintight Lycra. But who knows -- Hounsou could be the biggest Black Panther (or Luke Cage) fan ever, and I am way out in left field. But I just can't help but think the Internet immediately thought African actor -- must be the Black Panther!
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