Eric Dane, of Grey's Anatomy fame, will be vaguely responsible for the world's worst dog in Marley & Me.Variety announces that he has joined Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston and Alan Arkin in the adaptation of John Grogan's bestselling memoir.

Grogan's memoir centered around life with Marley, his enormous and rambunctious Labrador. Wilson plays Grogan, and Dane will be playing the best friend who convinces him to buy a Lab puppy as a substitute for the children his wife wants to have. (In the book, he and his wife decided a dog was a good test run for children. I don't remember a best friend. Movies seem to enjoy humiliating wives, though, don't they?)

I'm curious how this will adapt to the big screen. Books centered on animals always seem to lose their heart when transferred to the screen -- what you loved and identified with becomes broad slapstick. I hope this isn't just going to be Wilson scooping poop and being pulled uncontrollably by a dog on a leash. Please let it be as sweet and heartwarming as the book. I almost dread that, though. Dog films and I are a recipe for disaster. They always find me choking back tears, but pretending that I'm not, and trying to wash my red eyes out in the theatre bathroom.

The movie starts shooting in Miami this month, and will be released December 25th, 2008.

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