On the surface, Pathology sounds like it could be an ABC Movie of the Week: A group of medical students challenge each other to commit a murder that the others cannot detect once the victim is on the autopsy table. OK, a nifty enough premise, but here's what tells me Pathology won't be your typical medical thriller: It was written by thelunatics who gave you Crank -- plus the flick has been rated R for, and I quote, "disturbing and perverse behavior throughout, including violence, gruesome images, strong sexual content, nudity, drug use and language." Zow! I bet the MPAA had a ball with this flick!

Directed by German first-timer Marc Schoelermann, Pathology arrives via MGM on April 18. (Fair warning, horror freaks: It looks to be a limited release affair.) And if you'd like to check out A) the old trailer just for a reminder, and B) a new teaser trailer that's so ... weird ... I just had to watch it twice to figure out the perspective, click right here. I could embed the teaser here, but I don't want any complaints about the clip's F-bomb, so instead I'll point you towards our friends at The Movie Blog, who've seen a nice hunk of footage from the flick and seem pretty psyched about it!

Plus hey, the flick stars Milo Ventimiglia and Alyssa Milano, so there's some eye candy for both genders.
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