To be perfectly honest, the premise of Giganticdidn't grab me at first. The plot seemed a little too self-aware and contrived.

Paul Dano (who is also executive producer) will be playing a depressed mattress salesman, who is on a quest to adopt a Chinese baby. But he's sidetracked by falling in love with a girl named Happy, played by Zooey Deschanel. (That's the second reason this film didn't grab me. You're depressed and you meet someone named Happy? How lucky! When I was depressed, I just made good friends with a cold Russian named Stolichnaya.)

But it's starting to win me over now, particularly with these latest cast members. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Ed Asner, John Goodman, and Jane Alexander have signed on.

Asner will be playing Dano's father, who loves pot and gangsta-rap, and Alexander will be playing his long-suffering mother. Goodman will be playing Happy's brilliant and domineering father. The parental combo overcomes my misgivings about the film -- although a stoned Asner could fall incredibly and painfully flat. But they inexplicably have me at "gangsta-rap loving father."
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