The secret was let out back in October of 2006 -- Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno would follow in the wake left by Borat. Since then, news about the production has been almost nonexistent. In May of last year, Defamer spies saw Baron Cohen and his Bruno entourage at a Foreign Trade Association luncheon. But that was it, until now. A new Defamer source says that the actor was spotted doing his shtick in Sherman Oaks on February 21.

The source says [sic]: "He was dressed in tight leather black pants with a bedazzeled g-string showing. his hair was frosted blond and straight. He was interviewing parents with their children pretending to be an german / austrian ad agent looking for a child to do a car commercial. He asked questions like : are you willing to film your child with ants? bees or wasps? dogs? ect. very funny."

If both of these sources are to be believed, it looks like the wacky actor is spreading out the filming. I imagine Baron Cohen's time is being split between Bruno, family Q-T, and his other gigs. While it would be nice to get some solid news, it's probably better this way until the film is wrapped and ready. Still, I'm getting antsy. But how about you?

Are you ready for Bruno?
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