Warning: Watching this clip might strain your eyes, put you into a flash-induced coma, or just really annoy you.

Above you can check out the teaser for Jordan Galland's upcoming film Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead -- a seemingly wacky comedy that I told you about last month. It's got some fun cast (like Devon Aoki and Jeremy Sisto), plus a score by Sean Lennon. What it doesn't have is an easy-on-the-eyes trailer.

I can take a lot. I don't mind a camera that is handheld and jiggling about, but over 2 minutes of ridiculously brief flashes of scenes interspersed with large, repetitive words is a bit much. Just like they said over at HorrorMovies.ca, the footage (or what you can see of it) looks decent, but this teaser just won't do. I'm still curious about the film, but I have no love for this headache-inducing collection of clips. What do you think?